Not recognizing file

Hey there - first, LOVE this tool! But I ran into an issue today. My husband and I both have amazon accounts. I just downloaded my csv file and ran the amazon importer with no issues. However, when I try to upload my husband’s, it says its an unrecognized file type. I opened it up in both excel and notepad, and it appears to be a valid csv file. Any ideas?

Hi @wordsmithwest,

I’ve pinged @randy on this and he should be able to investigate further. Thanks!

Glad to hear you like the Amazon tool. As for the unrecognized type, the importer uses this file to configure the importer. If the importer doesn’t find all of the columns doesn’t referenced in the "columns" object, then it deems the CSV unrecognized.

Is it possible that your husband’s CSV is missing some of the column headers that are present in your CSV?