Not Seeing Add-on Sidebar

Hi - I am not seeing sidebars
I am in a purposed Chrome profile with only my Tiller-connected gmail account

This is in Google Sheets, @ericartzt? Do you see the “working” animation but the sidebar never opens?

That happened to me last night— may have been related to the massive Cloudflare outage which affected the whole internet— but the add-on is working for me now.

Yes, three dots show up on the right side and immediately go away.

So, it still isn’t working, @ericartzt?
If you’re talking about the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, open a support case with the Customer Success team.

If you’re still having this issue @ericartzt please reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at and share a screenshot of what you mean by :point_down:

(Attachment is missing)