Notification when Yodlee can not access bank account

Tiller should provide some notification when Yodlee can not access our bank accounts. I have several accounts all with the same security from one institution. For some reason, if one does not work, no data is feed and I have to try to figure out which account failed and reset that password which is no different from the others as they are with the same institution.

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Hi @JWienecke,

This is unexpected behavior. I would expect that correcting the 2FA for one account per institution should restore the feed of data. It can take a few moments for it to fully restore the connection and pull the data and then it may immediately disconnect.

Can you try just updating one of the accounts at that particular institution and then wait a little bit and see if the data pulls into the sheet or is available to pull into the sheet via Tiller Money Feeds?



All my accounts are with the same institution with same password.

  1. Auto is delivery is not working
  2. I have 4 active accounts
  3. I changed each one, 1 at a time - Downloads only occurred when I changed the password for that specific account. Very time consuming process. Your interface is definitely needs work. Also 2 factor authentication is not in place at this time.

I am having the same issue with Commonbond/FirstMark Services. The account will not connect, even after changing the password. Been having issues for over a week now. I think its more on the Yodelee side.