Numbers in description now coming in as X-xx

Not sure if this is a feed issue or coding issue, but in many of my transactions, something weird is going on.
For example, a prior transaction had 7-11, now it’s coming in as X-xx and I see that in a few other transactions. Just wondering if anyone else sees this and if there is anything to do about it.

@yossiea, can you share a screenshot by chance?

Here you go, and I made an error, it previously came in as “7-Eleven” (not 7-11), interestingly enough, I also have some “7 Eleven”, without the hyphen. Also, all the transactions in this case are coming in from Chase CC.
If you need transaction ID let me know, I’m not sure if that is PII or not.

@yossiea, we’ll need to troubleshoot this via our official support channels.

Can you please reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at Sign in - Google Accounts

Choose Account connection question > something else and share the details here, the screenshot, and the transaction IDs, as well as a screenshot of the how the transactions should appear when you’re logged in directly to Chase.