On Net Worth Sheet, Enable Groups Sub Totals within Asset / Liabilities similar to Balances

I’d like groups on the Net Worth sheet. It would better help me understand trends over time of my account balances. I would be able to see, at a glance, fluctuations in my accounts. For example are my loans/mortgages going down, or my savings going up month over month (also quarter or year)? The sub-groups would also reduce noise from other accounts that frequently go up and down a lot, such as retirement accounts. Reducing the noise gives a better picture to the sub-totals by group.

I love how the Balances sheet utilizes the Groups functionality from Accounts to create sub-groups within Asset / Liabilities to easily provide totals of similar types of accounts.

Balances Example (btw this screenshot was taken from elsewhere on Tiller)

Great suggestion, @Richard. I like this idea. I’ve added it to our backlog.


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