One Manual to multiple connected accounts

Hello all! So, I had a student loan account manually added for several months and decided to connect it this month. When I manually had it logged, it was one account, but now when I connect it, it is several loans. Anyone figure out a way to keep the history of the manual while also keeping the new connected multiple accounts? Hope that makes sense! Happy Saturday!

Hi @brandonscottgardner,

Sorry for the delayed reply here.

If you want to keep the history of the manual accounts you can just “merge” the manual account ID into one of the automated loans account IDs and it will be history associated with that one loan. It may not really make sense to do that though if you were tracking the total owed as one account, then the historical balance of one of the automated ones would end up being way higher than it actually was. :thinking:

So you might want to just keep it separate as a manual account and just know after X date it breaks out into multiple accounts.