Only import transactions after a certain date?

I have connected my banks and connected a Google Sheet. It imported a bunch of transactions. I know I can delete old transactions but it doesn’t reflect in the Balance History sheet.

So I’d like to start over but this time make it so Tiller only imports transactions after 1/1/2023.

Is this possible?

The Balance History ‘transactions’ are the balance at the time of import, so as long as you are importing in 2023, you won’t get any balances from 2022. Balances are completely separate from transactions, so deleting transactions from your Transactions sheet won’t affect balances and deleting balances from your Balances sheet won’t affect transactions.

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I see.

Is the information in the Balance History used anywhere? If I delete rows from there, will it break anything?

The Accounts sheet pulls heavily from the Balance History sheet. It’s safe to delete balance history rows as long as you’re sure you don’t want any record of an account and its metadata from the date of the row you’re deleting.

The Net Worth Sheet also uses this information, I find it useful to see this move and change over time, but if like you said you only want to start from 1/1/2023 it is safe to delete all previous entries prior to this date.

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Great. Thank you. That helps me.

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