Open Banking Refresh

Does anyone have accounts with different logins under one institution which uses open banking? I am asking because I do for Fidelity. I have authorized both accounts separately but it seems as though when I do a refresh only my main accounts update.

For example, when I hit “refresh” for Fidelity only 5 accounts show up in the pop up screen that follows. This is leading me to think that only those accounts will update. I can’t check the numbers now since they haven’t been updated again but when I updated this morning on those account updated.

Is anyone else in this situation and having the same issue.

Prior to open banking all the account would update at once.

Just a follow up to this. I refreshed my Fidelity accounts this morning but they didn’t all update. Only the accounts with one of the logins refreshed. They others did not.

It seems like there is an issue here with open banking.

Also a Fidelity account holder with 2 login id’s - mine and my husband. There are 3 joint accounts, 3 personal accounts for him, 4 personal accounts for me. All the accounts are set where we can “see” all 10 accounts from each of our logins.

We have been using 1 login to get info for all 10 accounts. Now with Open Banking at Fidelity, we are using his login to grab the 3 joint accounts and his 3 personal accounts. I added my personal login this week to grab my 4 personal accounts. I did have to go through and clean up duplicates because my 4 personal accounts looked “new” to Tiller.

Overall, I’m happy with the Open Banking for Fidelity - no more blocked downloads a couple of times a day. My only complaint this morning (Saturday), is that the accounts did not refresh for Friday activity. It looks like I will have to wait for Monday for that.

Are you saying none of the accounts refreshed? As I mentioned earlier, only my accounts are updating, not my wife’s. When the pop-up screen appears after you hit refresh do you see all the accounts at once? I don’t.

The first day of Open Banking I reconnected with the one login id it looked like it worked (my husband’s id).

The second day, it looked like it worked, but only the 6 accounts he has “ownership” of actually refreshed the balances.

So, I added another Fidelity connection with my login id and only asked it to get my 4 personal accounts (excluding our joint accounts). I removed those 4 accounts from his Fidelity connection. I also had to clean up the 4 duplicate accounts.

I did Refresh for both Fidelity logins today (Saturday) and all 10 balances have remained at the Friday AM numbers instead of the Saturday AM numbers. There was something in the Fidelity agreement that mentioned balances would only update once a day at 8am Eastern. That’s whey I’m guessing this morning that it will be Monday before I see the actual Friday activity.

Thanks for the explanation.

Hopefully someone from Tiller will chime in on this. @heather

If you don’t mind, can you continue to update here how things are working?

Also, do you now have 2 different Fidelity groupings in your console or are your accounts and your husbands grouped together.

I can only update my accounts currently.


Sometime late Saturday, my balance history updated to show the end of day Friday account balances at Fidelity (there was no “activity” to download from Friday). There will be activity in at least accounts today, so hopefully Tuesday morning I will get new account balances and transactions.

I do have 2 different Fidelity groupings and 2 different Elan Financial groupings in my console. I deleted my accounts on the console from my husband’s Fidelity group. After I added my Fidelity login to the console, I only chose to add my 4 personal accounts (because his login is getting the joint accounts that we both see). I went back up to the top of the console under Linked Spreadsheets, did the drop down and linked my 4 accounts to the spreadsheet again.

There is also a discussion going on in the thread here
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It might be useful to keep all the Fidelity questions in one thread so Tiller Support can help resolve things for everyone.

I hope you get this straightened out soon.