Open banking support for UP Bank

Hey that means you’ll be able to add UP Bank to your bank institutions! whooo!! @heather

Can you please explain why open banking for TD Bank might mean that we can add support for UP?

Hi @heather

If you can add the bank institute UP who are based in Melbourne, Australia as they support Open Banking which allows my financial data to be stored by and shared with accredited providers like yourself!

I’ve been a member with them for just over a 1 year now and think they’re a fantastic Bank that lets me budget and know where all my money is going in one nice nifty iOS app!

And also I’ve informed my bank through their iOS app and there response below is:

Hey Jarrad,
Thanks for reaching out!
To use Open Banking, both parties have to be accredited & set up.
When Tiller is accredited, they’ll be listed here
Once they then register with us, you’ll be able to share your data with them securely :slightly_smiling_face:
Current providers | Consumer Data Right

Ah, okay I see. Eventually perhaps our data provider will enable open banking / OAUTH based support for more institutions, but we don’t have control over which institutions they build/enable for OAUTH connections. UP Bank may be set up for that, but it doesn’t mean our data provider, Yodlee, has built the integration for it to work. Their focus for OAUTH connections is in the United States right now.

Interesting, I’ve noticed there are already a few AUS bank accounts like Commonwealth and Bankwest which are the two Banks I’m familiar with. So I hope Yodlee add support for UP bank as I’ve just started using your add-on for Excel today and using the free 30 day trial…

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