Order of Groups in Monthly Budget tab of Foundation Template

I’m wondering if there is a way to change the order of how the Groups appear in the Monthly Budget tab of the Foundation Template? Right now the groups appear in alphabetical order, but I’d like to order them based on % of budget or using the groups I care about most.


Hi @rickdelafuente, there’s not a setting you can change to make it order this way but you can trick it by adding A. B. C. to the beginning of the group name to get it in alphabetical order.

Ok @heather. Thanks for the tip! Maybe someone can come up with a way to do this someday :slight_smile:

Hey @rickdelafuente you could do that A, B, C thing, but then you could also put an IF formula in the name of the group that chooses the correct letter based on the values of your groups.

Ok, great. Thanks for the tip @clomok.