Overriding Categories For Investment Transactions Using Autocat

I’m unable to override or assign the Category on inbound investment transactions. What I’m trying to do is to set transactions within my investment accounts as a Transfer transaction and then the immediate reinvestment as an Investment Transaction so that I’m not double counting investment transactions.

For example:

Txn 1 Filter Criteria:
Description Contains “Dividend Received”
Account Equals “ROTH IRA - FIDELITY”
Amount Polarity Positive

Column Override:
Category = Transfer

Txn 2 Filter Criteria:
Description Contains “Reinvestment”
Account Equals “ROTH IRA - FIDELITY”
Amount Polarity Negative

Column Override:
Category = Investment Transactions

But I can’t get the Txn 1 Autocat rule to work. It ignores the criteria and can’t find the transaction.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong? Is there a smarter way to do this?

Is it possible a different rule is catching that transaction before it gets to your Transfer rule? You might need to reorder the rules so this one is higher in priority because it stops processing rules on a transaction as soon as it finds one that that matches.

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Thank you. That was it. Although I can’t see any visible conflicts in my existing rule set, moving these specific rules to the very top resolved it. Weird but it works now.


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