🏆 P&L Analyzer - Profit and Loss Analyzer Solution for Google Sheets

Hi @ccclapp, Thank you and thanks for inquiring - yes, I’ve made significant progress toward the following extensions to the PnL Analyzer:

  1. Alternative layout replacing monthly columns with any aggregator from the Transactions sheet (it could work with Account, Project, Entity, Department, Tag, etc.), including the ability to custom name the columns with aliases. It will also display items not assigned to an aggregator. It is set-up for up to 11 items plus an unassigned column in keeping with the current twelve column layout, but it could be expanded or duplicated.

  2. Analyze by Tag, or any aggregator from the Transactions sheet (for my purposes I have a Property column as mentioned in the referenced post). Other examples might include Account, Project, Entity, Department, etc.

These align with the same numbered items in the other post that you referenced.

Additionally, I’ve worked on:

A) Ability to toggle on and off “Totals by Group”

B) Ability to toggle on and off a Transfer category section in the main view (I want to report some transfers like Owner Distributions sometimes)

C) Ability to order Categories in any desired sequence within the Group

D) Ability to show and hide Categories using an in-sheet configuration , including overriding the Category sheet “Hide” designator

Whereas the original PnL Analyzer was geared towards personal finances, the impetus behind most of these extensions and enhancements was small business reporting. The second list of lettered items was developed especially to build customized reports such as an income statement. So for example, a snapshot of the live PnL can be taken after year end in preparation for tax season. Not all of these features are included or will be necessary in each variant.

The volume of changes is significant and I don’t necessarily see myself updating the original release here with all of them. Perhaps I would post a new version with some additional features after I’ve taken the time to clean it up, depending on any community interest. Otherwise I think it could be a bit overwhelming, overcomplicated, and onerous to support dumping a lot of these changes here.

There are a few threads floating around looking for a similar solution to item 1) so I do believe it would have a certain level of interest and a high value to small business owners.

I’ve also seen threads with users who have a workflow that splits financial oversight duties and I think solution 2) is a perfect fit where transactions could be tagged by name and then each person has their own PnL Analyzer view selected by their Tag.

The possibilities for customization are nearly endless and for that reason I’ve also considered creating a video-based tutorial, or some blog posts, walking through the layout and steps to develop these enhancements starting from the baseline PnL Analyzer.

I’ll create another reply soon with a few screenshots of those extensions.