P&L by Custom Category?

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve created a custom CATEGORY column called SEGMENT to sub-categorize within GROUPS (for personal, business1, business2, etc.). I figured I would keep GROUPS as the generic group of expenses, e.g. Materials & Supplies. How can I create a P&L based on only one of these SEGMENTS at a time?

Category | Group | Type | Segment
|Materials & Supplies | Materials & Supplies | Expense | Personal
|Materials & Supplies M | Materials & Supplies | Expense | Biz M
|Materials & Supplies R | Materials & Supplies | Expense | Biz R
|Materials & Supplies F | Materials & Supplies | Expense | Biz F

You can use tags as well.

Thanks. Can a proper P&L be generated from only categories using a specific tag? I need more than sums and counts. Best regards.