Paid Support for help with Tiller

I like and need Tiller, I just want to hire someone to teach it to me.
Do we have a list of qualified instructors?

@steve.crabtree.72. You have reached out to a great place to get advice and feedback from our members here in the Tiller Money Community.

Another resource is the support team at Tiller. You can always email customer support with any questions you might have at

I would also recommend registering for our weekly webinar. Every Tuesday, we cover how Tiller Money works and how to get started in the Foundation template for budgeting and tracking. Plus, there’s ample time for Q&A where you can get questions answered live.

Register even if you can’t attend and we’ll email you a link to the recording afterward.

Did you have any specific questions we can assist you with?

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I have June 2020 transactions but my Insights tab is empty.