🏆 Paycheck Deduction Transaction Generator

The version is bumped, @jpfieber. Thanks for the continuous improvements to this template.

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My financial institution is not recording my pay check properly so Mark.S suggested that i use this Transaction Generator to manually add $460 to my netpay on every paycheck . See the data that i am adding below( note that i added $1 to Soc etc as troubleshooting)

However, my issue is there is only 5 rows of transactions ‘$AT$4’ to ‘$BH$9’ for the ‘12/17/2023’ is being generated for me to copy over. Why are the rest of transactions not being generated from 1/6 /2023 to 12/8/2023 not being generated?

Also I am not sure where the date of ‘12/17/2023’ got generated. The date i input was 12/22/2023 but i can live with that.

|PayDate| PayGross|PayNet|SocSec|Medicare|FedTax|StateTax|

Based on the table you posted, you have Gross Pay, Net Pay, and 4 deductions for a total of 6 lines. AT4:BH9 is 6 rows, one for each of those 6, so that part seems correct. The date should come either from AO4 if it’s finding the most recent paycheck, or you can override it by selecting a date from AO5, which would list the dates you have as the first column of your table. Not sure where the 12/17/2023 is coming from, does it show that date in column AO anywhere? Note that it only generates the deductions for one paycheck at a time, you won’t get a list of every deduction for every check you have in the list.

Oh it only generates 1 per paycheck…So in this case I would have to do a Date Override and generate one for each paycheck?

Is it possible for you to add an option to auto-generate all the paychecks if its easy.

Yes, you’ll need to do them one at a time, so you’ll have to copy/paste 26 times. A little tedious, but better than generating them all by hand. It would be a lot of extra coding to try and make it list everything at once, so I’m not going to attempt that, but if you ore someone else would like to work out the code, I’m happy to add it as a feature to an updated version of the template!

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Works great for my paycheck. But now wanting to set the same up for my wife. Is there a way to manage multiple paychecks? Different people and categories?

Yup, just rename the sheet (eg. Paycheck-Billy) and then install the template again, or make a copy of yours and rename that. You can have as many copies of the sheet as you need as long as they have unique names, and each sheet can have whatever configuration you need.

I have the 3.2 version and I attempted to update and it did not work. I manually archived the old version and then went and attempted to download it anew but keep getting this error:

The add-on could not add the requested sheet or its dependencies.

The process failed with message: “Service Spreadsheets failed while accessing document with id 1lR2IWUtk5szFXKuBCZFUmLgm-qzBtb3Qc1o0oqEjshs.”

Resolve the issue and then try again.

Please Assist

I think this is a general hiccup, not anything related to this sheet in particular. I got it while filling my transactions sheet today. Reloading my sheet fixed the issue for me.

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I think I have to set up a new sheet because I continue to get the error exceeded maximum time when trying to fill my sheet. Maybe that is also related. Think I have too many solutions

I get this every day now. I will try moving to a new sheet, but hope I don’t need to keep doing that.

This seems super cool! I’ve mostly input my past paychecks, but one thing just looking over is that I’m wondering if there’s a good way to indicate both different income categories as well as deductions. I am thinking this would be useful for people with e.g. tips, in-kind benefits, noncash income that shows up on paychecks. The only idea I have for this is to input as negative deductions and decrease gross pay accordingly, but not sure if this will mess things up anywhere.

Also, if you have multiple paychecks with the same pay date you need to just offset one of them, since the generator will never distinguish them otherwise. I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere but might have missed it.

There also is a behaviour that 0 deductions do not get transactions generated, which makes sense since you don’t want every category getting a line. But it might be nice to guarantee that Gross Pay and Net Pay get lines, though I guess I can just manually add those

@zedseayou If you have multiple paychecks with the same pay date, you can use two separate tabs in the spreadsheet to track them separately. I have one tab for my paychecks and another for my wife’s.

Unfortunately I have a setup where sometimes additional paychecks are posted on the same date with different categories, for a single job. But the precise pay date isn’t super important to me so I just offset one of them a day

Thanks for creating this tool! I’ve added about 150 paychecks, but for some reason the PayNet column auto-fills only down to row 99 and it is blank after that, even though I’ve filled in the following rows with similar data. Row 157 is the last paycheck and it is correctly highlighted as the “current”. Any idea what is wrong?

Click into the cell that shows the “PayNet” header, probably H3. Check if the formula contains any “99”'s. If so, change them to a different higher number, or remove them. For reference, here’s what my H3 looks like, and I have ~150 paychecks (mine is set to look at every row, performance can be improved if you add a specific row to stop, which is why I guess I put the 99 in the template):

Using your formula fixed it – thanks! And thanks for creating this very cool tool!