Paycheck transaction splitter issue - Actuals don't show up in monthly budget

I’m new to Tiller and am trying to use the Tiller Money Feeds Transaction Splitter on my Paycheck, but not sure I’m doing it correctly. I’ve changed the original transaction to the Gross amount of the paycheck and then used a minus number to decrease the deductions. Two problems are noticed with what I’ve done. 1) For some reason, the Net Amount is not correct (even after ensuring the deduction amounts are correct). 2) In addition, the deducted actuals for these categories do not show up in my Monthly Budget. QUESTION: What do I need to do differently? Do you have some documentation for splitting Paychecks in Google Sheets using the Transaction Splitter?

I made a template that may make this process easier for you. Check out Paycheck Deduction Transaction Generator

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I"ll check it out…and get back with you.

Can you help me understand how to get to F4. Is it in the transaction tab? or is it in a separate sheet?

If you don’t see column F, click the ‘+’ above column B to open section 1, where you can configure the paycheck deductions, including the PayDate which is in column F.

OK…I’m a newbie. Can you provide additional context…still not understanding? Are we talking about in the Tiller Foundation Template - Google Sheets? Or something else? When I click on the Paycheck Deduction Transaction Generator link it takes me to the Paycheck Deduction Transaction Generator instructions…but where’s the template you’re referring to?

In your Tiller Foundation Template, you’ll need to use the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on to add the Paycheck Deduction Transaction Generator template. This article explains how to add your paycheck information so you’ll be able to generate transactions for each of your deductions that you can then copy/paste into the Transactions sheet of your Tiller Foundation Template.

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Thank You @jpfieber…with your help found the template.

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Both my wife and I earn a paycheck. How does that work with the Paycheck Deduction Transaction Generator when you have a paycheck from two different companies?

Making a copy of the sheet and use one for each company is probably your best bet.

How do you handle a bonus payment? Do you add a row in Paycheck 1 and Paycheck 2 or is it necessary to create another sheet?

If the bonus is from one of the same companies, you can add it to section 1 just like a normal paycheck, it just may not have the same deductions as the rest (which is fine). I have to do this occasionally and haven’t had a problem doing it this way.

After inserting a row in section 1 to add an older paycheck, section 2 inserted a line with a blank in the description and category fields. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

I would undo or use ‘Revisions’ to go back to before you did that, and instead of adding a row, which cuts across all the sections, and would likely cause a problem, instead select the cells from column C to column AF below the row you want to add, then right-click the selection and choose “Insert Cells/Insert cells and shift down”. This will allow you to add a paycheck in the list without disturbing what’s happening in the other sections.

I’m a newbie in Google sheets and may be doing this wrong…however after following your instructions this is what I get…

Ahh, yeah, I always forget about that one. So you should just add the bonus check to the next available row, then select all the paychecks from C4 to the last row of paychecks in AF, then go to Data/Sort Range/Advanced Range Sorting Options
Chance “Sort By” to “Column F” (D or E would work just as well) and check “A->Z”
This will resort just what you selected (since we don’t want the sort to screw up the other sections of the template), and hopefully you are back in business!