PayPal 2FA texts

For the past couple of days, I’ve been getting text messages from PayPal sending me a Security Code (as if I’m signing into PayPal). I haven’t been signing into PayPal. Could this have been caused by Tiller getting access to PayPal to refresh my account?

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Same thing on my account.

Generally these unexpected 2FA code text messages are due to our data provider trying to access your account for a refresh. This should not be cause for alarm and you can just ignore them.

We don’t have a way to prevent these texts from being sent at unusual times. If this account has been connected for a while, and this started happening recently, it’s likely that the institution made some changes on their side and our data provider may need time to adjust the refresh process to those changes.

I’ve been getting these 2FA alerts from M1 Finance as well. Figured as much that it was the Tiller system trying to refresh, but it is a bit concerning. What if it’s not Tiller? How can I even tell?

You can play it safe by updating your password to the institution then updating the credentials in Tiller. If it continues to happen after changing your password it is almost certainly Tiller.