Paypal transaction feeds now missing part of description

Has anyone noticed a change in the completeness of Paypal transaction Description values? Up until April of this year, I would to get paypal transaction feeds with Description values like “Payment from Jane Doe” or “Payment to Groupon”. Then begining in mid-April, I started seeing a change in paypal feeds with short Description values like “Jane Doe” or “Groupon” - stripped of any prefix / type. It seems to cut across all transaction types (e.g. Payment from, Refund to, Bill to, etc.) and affects both the Description and Full Description fields. At the time I noticed this, I was using a google sheet with a legacy Feed Bot, but this issue has persisted since I migrated to a google sheet with the Tiller Money Feed. I have not seen any issues with any other connected account (I have about 20 in total).

@wmgillett, I know we were chatting about this over email/chat but I did just check out the transactions for my PayPal account in the new integration to see what the descriptions looks like. I’m only using PayPal balance - not a credit or business account and I don’t see the “Payment to” portion at all on the website.

If you’re stuck, @wmgillett, consider the PayPal import via CSV in the Import Line Items workflow. It’s manual but it’s worth a try…

Not sure of the difference between business and personal accounts, also we only use paypal balance to pay - never credit. “Payment to” shows up as a “Type” of transaction on paypal. It occurs when we send money to pay a bill/invoice with paypal or buy something and checkout with paypal. Also keep in mind there is no literal ‘description’ field in paypal but in the tiller feed seems to be a concatenation of paypal “Type” and “Name” associated with the transaction.

Yes - that is the fallback and I use extracts for many other sources that are not available in Tiller. With paypal it has been fairly easy to append the “type” to descriptions without doing a full extact and import. I already use this for updating payee info on checks. This allows for my autocat rules to work. My main concern was that there was a change.