Pending credit card transactions

Why cant tiller download pending transactions? Having a long delay in transaction data defeats the purpose of the tool.

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It’s the Top Voted feature request. The most resent replies provide the status.

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Not having reliable connections to banks even more seriously undermines the tool, and Tiller is prioritizing that for the moment. Solving that issue becomes a force multiplier for Tiller. Based on how often broken bank connections comes up on this forum, I can only imagine how much time Tiller’s team spends on it.


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If Tiller decides to proceed with this then please provide an option to exclude authorizations (pending charges) from downloads. Authorizations come and go, they can be modified, etc. I don’t need to see any of that transitional data in my Tiller sheet, I only care about charges. My 2c!


I suspect this is part of what makes this a tricky proposition for Tiller. Nobody wants a $1.00 authorization from the local gas station on their Tiller sheet, but once it’s been downloaded, Tiller can’t easily remove it automatically.


…Or a transaction from a restaurant that doesn’t have the tip added yet.
I want pending transactions added as much as anybody, not sure how they can do it, I’m sure there is a way?..

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From what they’ve said on here, it sounds like the Tiller crew has brainstormed about how they might support pending transactions and concluded that it would be very complicated to implement. Considering that other similar services download pending transactions (as many have noted), I’m guessing that the challenge might be more about how effectively to integrate it into Tiller than about a data aggregator issue.

Perhaps it would be helpful to those that want this feature if authorizations were downloaded to a separate sheet. Each update providing a complete refresh of all authorizations from respective bank.

This would give visibility to the authorizations without affecting the transactions. For what it’s worth.

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Good idea. That made me think maybe even another column in the Transactions sheet indicating if data is pending or not. That could be easily be sorted/filtered out of view.

or just give us the feature and the ability to disable it. Let the user figure out how to handle it.

the other option is to actually support reconciliation!! how is this not a feature?

If it could import all pending transaction with a flag to be reconciled. this would be great from my opinion.

you can change the numbers on the pending transactions after import and let them reconcile later when the transaction clears.

This way I dont have to manually enter all the “to be reconciled” transactions all I have to do is fix the errors in price

Have you checked out these tools for reconciliation? Docs: Bank Statement Reconciliation Sheet or Docs: Adding & Reconciling Manual Transactions