Pending transactions

In order to use Tiller for budgeting, I desperately need to be able to see my pending transactions. I know there are some transactions like restaurants and gas that will change over time, but for me it is better to have my budgets be $20 off than to be $200 dollars off because they are all 3-5 days behind. This has been my biggest complaint for every budgeting app I’ve tried to use.

Along with this I would like to see an Available Balance that takes into account pending transactions.

Please please consider adding this. Thanks!

I’ve often run in to this as well. I know I’ve got transactions coming in, but not exactly what they are, and I’m trying to get it out of my head and in to the spreadsheet, so having the pending transactions in my sheets would be helpful.

Perhaps related to this, sometimes a large deposit is coming in and the bank decides to “post” a portion of it, then a few days later the balance will post. I’ve found that my feed considers these two separate transactions, so I end up having to delete the first one. If there could be better handling of pending transactions perhaps it could help handle these situations better.

Using Excel, I created a similar tab by copying my existing Transactions tab and deleting the transactions, but it did not update. Is this working for Excel, or maybe I just don’t having anything pending yet?

Ah, I think it does not work for Excel just yet. We use a slightly different API for Excel and the pending transaction feed likely hasn’t been implemented in that API. Good catch, @VdkaShaker.

I will look into this template and give it a try. Because of the nature of digital transactions happening instantaneously consumers have lost the ability to use float so pending and scheduled transactions are critical to manage. Something I do daily is to update a manual sheet that contains scheduled transactions and 3 different bank account balances. This helps to understand which accounts I can use to schedule each transaction type [Business, Personal, Savings]. I hope this template will add to my process…a work in progress. Thanks, CML

I added the Pending tab the other day and it immediately picked up a Discover card pending transaction which went away today. However, no other pending transactions have posted to this tab. I just checked the primary VISA card I use and it shows five pending transactions. I know you say this is in beta now but just wondering why I appear to not see what I think I should be seeing.

@Blake, is this in the same sheet where it originally worked or a different one? Feedbot sheets still work with the Pending sheet, but new Feeds add-on sheets don’t yet work (different API) and since it was a beta feature anyway we haven’t prioritized building it out for the Feeds add-on just yet.

Heather - It is in the same sheet where it originally worked. This past weekend I created a new Foundations sheet to take it for a spin and I added a Pending tab there but absolutely nothing happened.

Question - Is the Foundations template a Feeds add-on sheet? Still trying to learn the terminology, technology, etc.



Another vote for pending transactions support. Adding the beta tab seems to do nothing with my bank. I guess I’ll just link across to my old spreadsheet for now as the pending still works there. I’m really hoping to get everything I need in one place as every version is really fragmenting things right now.

Same as swhowiedash, I added the pending transactions tab per the instructions and nothing populated despite seeing pending transactions on my credit card. It will be fantastic when this feature is working. I’d love to test the beta more if I could get it to work.

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This is really concerning and disappointing that pending transactions aren’t included in the transactions tabs. The lack of this feature may deter me from being a paying user. I hope this gets fixed soon.

I would also like to see a pending transaction sheet, or some kind of way to import pending transactions as well. What is the status of this request?

Ah, sorry @hmtinney and @swhowiedash - we’ve removed the beta support for Pending transactions for the time being. Sorry for the confusion. We hope to have pending transactions data in the future. We don’t have a timeline for it just yet, but we’re excited by the interest.