Peoples United Bank

I emailed support a few days ago about my feed issue but haven’t heard back, so trying here.

My feed from Peoples United Bank is always failing. It worked when I first set up Tiller a couple of weeks ago, but hasn’t since. I love the product, but this feed is critical to my information due to automatic deductions that happen often from my bank account. I have tried entering my credentials a few times without success.

Any info or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also, what experience have others had with getting responses from Tiller support via email? This was my first try and I was surprised that I never heard back. I had read that their support was great.

I am a new user of the product and still in the demo period. I hope to get this resolved as I really like the product. My other feeds (credit cards in particular) are working great!




Follow up again and then continue to follow up with support.

Be persistent and bird-dog your issue.



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This issue was resolved quickly and efficiently by Tiller Support. The issues with them not responding were due to them not receiving my emails. I didn’t realize that I would get an auto reply when the email was successfully received. Thanks Tiller!

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