Period Comparison Template

And not to be too needy, but if there was an option to switch between Category and Groups, that would be awesome.

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I’ll raise you a picky… I wouldn’t mind hiding or somehow removing income from the view :smile:

Randy, I just downloaded this again and I am noticing that when my two periods are a negative amount, the net actual is subtracting one month from the other, and not adding it. (I think it’s a – becomes a +, rather than ± the transactions.)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the scenario, @yossiea, but it looks right to me.

If you look at Misc:

  • Last year: -$128.59
  • This year: -$10.60
  • Net Actual: $117.99

That seems right since you are $117.99 favorable this year versus last, right?

You’re right. I was looking for total actuals (which isn’t really needed in this sheet).
-edit- One question though, I had an expense this month, but not last month. The Net Actual is a positive number reflecting the full expense amount for this month. Is that how it should be?