Pivot Table Anomaly

This issue is about using Pivot Tables with Slicers to filter the results of the Pivot Table.

I have a Pivot Table based on the Transactions tab with 4 “Slicers” (Tags, Account, Months, and Category). These allow me to filter the Pivot Table using any combination of values in these fields. The Pivot Table displays three columns: Category, Count of Transactions for the Category, and Sum of Transactions for the Category.

If I want to see the detail showing all the individual transactions of any category, I double-click on the sum value and it opens a new tab showing all the transactions used to calculate the sum. At least, that’s supposed to be how it works.

For some reason, if I double-click on a value, such as the total count of a Category, the detailed view that opens includes transactions that were filtered out with the slicer on the pivot table.

So, for example, if the Pivot Table shows a count of 10 Transactions assigned to Category A, double-clicking on “10” in the pivot table, creates a new tab with 29 transactions including those from the Account that was filtered out by the slicer.

This isn’t a terrible problem but I thought it was interesting and wondered if anyone in the Tiller Community has noticed the same thing and perhaps can explain why this happens and how to make the detailed view accurately represent the values shown in the Pivot Table.

hi @ScottC

I was hoping someone with more experience with Slicers would chime in here. I have not used those at all so I’m not sure on that behavior.

Wondering if @randy @jpfieber @cculber2 or @matt might know.

Thank you, Heather. I appreciate the follow up.