Please force rounding to 2 places!

For a couple months running now, I’ve been tracking expense categories in a graph I made for one particular account. Sometimes the labels don’t appear in the graph because they’re too long, which led me to find that Tiller is displaying only 2 digits in the template pages, but behind the scenes it’s giving numbers like $461.93999999999999999994

I can’t find the offending transaction(s) because even the transactions page only SHOWS 2 digits, but somewhere behind the scenes there are these micro-fractional numbers. Please, Tiller, update the software to fix this?

Interesting. Could you show a picture, cell, and/or formula that does display that long value (and what sheet)?

Maybe the source data is 2 decimal places and it’s something about the context of how it’s getting used. :thinking:

Source data all reads as if it’s 2 places, but when using that same data (from the Transactions sheet) to create a new graph, it does this (attached). Even the aggregate data that I pulled from Transactions shows as if it’s just 2 places. Same thing happened last month as well, all normal until one specific transaction was added, and then a number like this was the result. I was able to find which transaction triggered it this time (by process of elimination) if you want me to email the account and transaction numbers to check in the backend.
Image 6-18-24 at 4.43 PM

Thanks, that helps. How do you know it isn’t a Google Chart issue? I mean, if that’s the only place it shows up.

In your aggregate data, do you specify a number format?
Perhaps, try the currency number format with 2 decimal places.

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Yes, in the sheet itself it displays as 2 digits. You asked if it could be a google chart issue and I couldn’t imagine that was possible; in my 20+ years as a data analyst I’ve never seen data spontaneously create its own trailing digits beyond the underlying data. But I did some digging around, and found a possible solution that points to the chart engine as being the culprit indeed.

Apparently, if your data is already aggregated by a query, turning OFF the pie chart’s “Aggregate” function in the initial setup tab brings back the normal value for that slice.

That said, I can’t figure out why/how that “fix” works, which is annoying as I don’t know if it’s a fluke that happens to work, or an actual solution.

Thanks for taking a look though.