Position History/Holdings investment data features & ideas

@cmwhelan, I sent you a DM :slight_smile:

I’m late to the game (I wish I had seen this post earlier!), but here’s my thought on what would be the most useful, while managing a reasonable amount of information (I personally think the historical data for each holding every day would be way too much anyway)

  • current positions/holdings (including account, ticker symbol, description, units, cost basis, current price and market value.) Asset class would be another bonus if that’s available from Yodlee (i.e. cash, large value/growth/blend stock, etc.)
  • transaction history for the investments (such as shares bought, sold, money deposited, withdrawn, etc.) just like you’d see in the cash flow transactions tab.

With these together, I think one could built a pretty robust investment tracking spreadsheet that could be used to build a spreadsheet that reflects current as well as basic historical data.