Possible for Fill to trigger a Refresh?

So my understanding is that refreshes run automatically on a certain institution-specific cadence, and then when I do a “Fill”, it pulls in all the data that’s been grabbed since the last refresh.

That makes sense conceptually, but in practice, when I’m clicking “Fill,” it’s because I want to catch up on all my transactions – which means I want the absolute latest data refreshed at that point. To do this, I have to click “Refresh” on each of my relevant accounts in the sidebar/dashboard, and then click Fill.

Is it possible to make Fill do a “Refresh All and Fill” operation, to effectively automate all those extra clicks?

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I would also love for this to be a thing, although I don’t even have a Refresh button on my accounts, just the little gear icon for setup.

It sucks to apparently have to wait 2 days for any transactions from USAA to show up, even though the balance itself does update (that behavior combo is confusing AF).

As far as not having the Refresh button: It won’t show up on the sidebar unless apparently it’s been >1 day since a refresh (not 100% sure what the criteria are for this, tbh), but if you go to the dashboard (https://my.tillerhq.com/), there’s always a Refresh button there, even if it was refreshed within 24 hours.

So I keep the dashboard open in one tab, click “Refresh” on each cash/credit account, and then click “Fill” in the spreadsheet. It’s workable, but feels clumsy.

I’m actually curious if everyone else is just used to doing this and doesn’t think twice about it, if there’s a better way to do this that I’m not seeing, or if I actually am weird in wanting to see my most recent info there after I click “Fill.”

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This is how I currently do it. I agree it’s a bit clunky, but it works better than using the sidebar. I wish they’d add a button at the top of my.tillerhq.com to refresh all the accounts at once, but the last time I saw this brought up, the Tiller team said they didn’t want to do that because they wanted to encourage users to let the accounts update on their own.

I imagine a “refresh all” button would increase the API calls to Yodlee quite a bit. Making it easier to refresh all accounts will inevitably see more people doing it, likely driving up their operating costs.

Personally, I just wish we could change the time of day that the autorefresh happens. I seem to constantly be some 18 hours behind on USAA, as it seems to like to trigger at, say, 2AM EST, even though I’m on PST and USAA themselves are based in CST, so it feels like it’s “missed the window” for parsing the next batch. I know it likely operates as time-zone-agnostic as possible, but that’s how it feels on my end, and that makes me think I would take, say, a 6AM PST refresh for sure over any earlier time.

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Perhaps @nathan or @scott can clarify, @DDXdesign, but I think you are correct that the institution-data-fetch and sheet-fill operations are discrete processes that can fall out of phase (adding as much as a day of latency). Most users are not using the data real-time so this is not an issue for them, but we are aware it is helpful to some users.

Yeah over the years I’ve gotten to just keeping my eye on my money every day as close to realtime as possible. I am also considering dropping a couple of my banks and consolidating a little bit anyways for unrelated reasons, which would likely help extracurriculars like Tiller just incidentally.

Hi @mkozlows our data provider does not allow us to trigger a refresh for all accounts at once so there won’t be a way that we can do a refresh and fill workflow all in one click. But great question and I totally understand the desire for that behavior.