Post Your Best Tiller Money Limerick

In honor of my deep Irish heritage and St. Patrick’s Day, here is a Tiller limerick.

Have one? (ahem…family friendly :grinning:) Post below.

There once was a man with finances
So confused that they drew side-long glances.
To Tiller he turned
(So easily learned)
Now, joyful, he sings and he dances.

( I really need a hobby.)


HA HA! too funny. Yes, you do need a hobby!! :rofl:


Great idea and very well done, @Brad.warren. That was good for a belly laugh. :laughing:
I’m going to think on this…

(You might have overshot with your initial contribution… It’s a tough act to follow.)

There once were financial problems to solve
That apps and freeware could not resolve
So I signed up for Tiller
The bank feeds are killer
You won’t believe how my workflow’s evolved!


Love this! Way to go @randy ! You’ve got some Irish in ya lad.

I’m not sure about that, @Brad.warren, but I like that you think so… :wink:
Thanks for getting this entertaining thread started.

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Brad Warren, a user of Tiller Money,
penned a limerick he said was funny,
wrote it while in a lobby
but now needs a new hobby
because after reading it his wife said no more honey.

A personal finance app that is out of sight,
enabling it’s users to see the light,
in a market with competition that is tough,
where Heather and staff know their stuff,
Tiller Money is beginning to win the long long fight.


@Blake ! Love it! It’s like you’re living in my house.

Painfully, here’s more.

When debits and credits abound
With questions that make your head pound,
Let Tiller unleash
It’s magic and peace:
You’ll rest and deeply sleep sound.

There once was a lad from Sayzarts
Who deftly produced some quick charts.
With bars red and green,
In Tiller was seen:
His future, much surer than darts

That Brad Warren keeps coming back
trying hard to prove he’s no hack.
While writing limericks here and there
from the comforts of his living room chair
this Tiller community member ain’t giving him no slack.

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo
this Brad Warren is not your average Joe.
While some may say he is a full-fledged nut
that never made the professional cut
ask his Tiller Money fans and they just don’t know.

A man needed help with his taxes,
But no longer has time for faxes.
He found Tiller on search,
No longer in the lurch,
His refund is up in the maxes!

YES!!! Sensational.


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Well done, @heather. That last line is inspired. :clap:

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I’m enjoying your back and forth, @Brad.warren & @blake. Fun stuff for a Friday.