President's Choice, TD Bank, Amex Canada

Good Day All: My bank feed has been down now for 7 months. The bank feed and autocat was the reason why I got TillerHq. I have “fixed” and updated credentials on each account too many times to count. Is this issue ever going to be resolved?

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Hang in there! Tiller is working hard to make bank feeds more reliable. I think it pretty much their number one priority right now. I’m not sure of the timeline, but it will happen. Tiller is aware that Yodlee (their current only aggregrator) is not supporting Canadian banks very well. I am in the same position as you, my main banks, VanCity and CIBC do not work at all right now and haven’t since September of 2023. I am confident that Tiller will get this going right.

Thanks very much! Good to know we are all waiting. I will hold on!

same frustration, same financial institutions
other troubling aspect is the work required to remove duplicate entries (as I am manually downloading and entering transactions) when the feed starts working and it uploads them again.