Prevent refilling historical data for new sheets

Does anyone know how to start a new sheet and prevent populating historical data?

I have a started sheet already and I’m bringing it over from another account and every time I copy and link to my accounts, it populates data that I already downloaded.

That’s great if you’re starting with Tiller for the first time, but a nuisance otherwise.


Unfortunately i don’t believe that’s an option, but you could filter and select all of the old transaction data that you dont want and delete it with no harm.

And after the initial download, it shouldn’t download again so you should only have to delete the data that you don’t need once.

I hope that helps.

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As @bentyre1 says, you can’t selectively fill portions of your historical account data but it should be easy to manually delete any rows you don’t want. They will not fill again.

Thanks all! That’s what I ended up doing. Just wish it were slightly easier because I worry about accidentally deleting real data and not having to do forensic analysis every time I make a change.