Problems on New Envelope Budget


After 18 months on my previous Tiller budget sheet I’ve restarted a new envelope budget.

I’ve kept 6 weeks of transactions, 200 items.

After setting up categories, rollovers, and allocating transactions I’ve got two errors I can’t get rid of:

  1. June budget shows -700 net transfers. By filtering on my short transaction list it’s easy to show that my transfer did in fact net off, so this is an error.
  2. After assigning budget in JUne, some categories had negactive and positive available balances. When I go to July budget none of these rollovers show. I have done a reload of my dashboard but that doesn’t fix it.

PLease help? I resterted a new budget to get rid of these errors, and now they are immediately showing up.

Double check your Budgets History has something in the Rollover To rows for all of your categories, for both months. And of course run Analyze Budgets History after any changes.

Thank you very much, that’s fixed the rollovers.

Any ideas on the net transfers? This is one of the reasons I started a new budget, experienced something similar in previous budget.

Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 08.42.32

I’ve fixed it myself, sorry.

I had a “cash withdrawals” category that was marked as “transfer types” rather than “Expense”.

Out of interest, should my actual Transfer category show up in the categories tab?

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Yes, the Categories sheet is where it is defined so it would appear there.

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