Problems with Capital One and Target Feeds

I am having trouble connection to my Capital One account and Target credit card account.

Neither is listed as having an issue.

It has been 11 days since I have been able to connect to my Capital One account.

It has been 6 days since I have been able to access my Target credit card account.

Both account have given the error message “Max Attempts Reached” for the last few days.

How do I go about resolving this issue?

Target was having a known issue. I couldn’t log into their website and Tiller wasn’t updating. For me at least, this problem went away yesterday and everything is working again. Don’t know about Capital One.

In general, it’s best to open a ticket with customer support through the chat window on the Tiller Console page for individual connection issues. Hard for any of us to see what might be going on with a particular institution. Fwiw, Cap One has been working just fine for me, so there’s something worth investigating with your account.

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My Capital One accounts are refreshing normally.

FWIW, my Capital One and Target CC accounts have been working. I’ve never seen the “Max Attempts Reached” error message.

Thanks for all of the responses.

It appears to be an issue for me individually.

I will take it up with support.