Profit and Loss by Project

Hi all, new to Tiller. Has anyone developed a system they like for tracking profit and loss by project? I run a small marketing agency so seeing profitability by clients projects is my bread and butter. Being able to see live cash burn would be even better.



Hi @david1,
You might take a look at the Tag feature. You could tag each transactions by project or client.

Here’s an article about How to Use Tags:


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This is the first thing that comes to my mind. Please consider the following:

Go to the Categories tab and create a Group called Client #1/Project #1 and then make categories that represent your income and expense items for this client/project. Next, hide all categories except those for the Group called Client #1/Project #1. Then go to Tiller Labs/Tools/Create Reports/Profit & Loss, then select Period and Interval and then Create Report. I would test this out on one client/project first to see if you like it before building it out to other clients/projects. This might likely become too tedious.

Currently, what time and billing system do you use? How do you allocate payroll costs/hours to clients/projects? Do you have billing rates for your employees? Do you have write-ups and write-downs? In other words, what is your current process?


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Cool - yes, I’ve looked tags briefly and will do a deeper dive.

@Blake this is very helpful, thank you.

Currently I’m a sole prop and all expenses are 1099 contractors so I don’t have to worry about payroll reports yet. Currently all my time and billing is done through quickbooks. Trying a couple different options since I’m trying to avoid the full $70/mo quickbooks w/ project reporting. I would only use tiller for project reporting, so your solution might work.

@Blake more granularity in P&L reporting options would be a great feature!