Profit and Loss by Project

Hi @nicoleg - I’m also looking to tackle a similar problem in the next couple of weeks. I’m making a switch from another reporting solution to use Google Sheets for my business PnL reporting, with the help of Tiller automation .

I plan to try and extend the solution that I came up with for my personal reporting called the PnL Anaylzer:

The use case is with real estate where I want to segregate by property, but I think the same concept could be applied to multiple projects, businesses, etc.

First off, I created a new column in my Transactions sheet (containing a drop down selection) where I classify/allocate each income and expense item to a property. It’s possible that Tags could work the same way but I haven’t gone too far utilizing Tags yet and I kind of see them as a possible supplement to this process if I ever decide on a way to use them.

I’m aiming to extend the PnL Analyzer in two ways:

(1) A report style similar to the existing one that replaces the Monthly columns with Property columns. It would give a 12 month view of each property in one report.

(2) A report style the same as the existing one with an additional selection by Property. It would give a monthly PnL for a single property.

I could try and share something once I make some progress if you think any of it sounds useful.