Projected balances issue - Different Weekly recurring transactions

Ive searched high and low but been unable to find the answer to my question.

Working on the Projected Balance Sheet I am trying to create weekly expenses in the Yearly expenses section.
The trouble is I get paid weekly BUT two different amounts. I also have a weekly expense that is the same each week.

Weekly Recurring Transactions
Salary Wk1 29/10/2023 £340.00
Spending Wk1 29/10/2023 £150.00
Salary Wk2 03/11/2023 £485.00
Spending Wk2 03/11/2023 £150.00

I did find a solution to create entries for future dates - but it wouldn’t work as it said it was overwriting cells. (Typically I cannot even find that solution now!) So Im guessing I need to forecast the complete block of transactions? Ive only just disovered Tiller & Google Sheets and only know the very basics. I am in UK so cannot link my back accounts for Tiller to then calculate the transactions.

Is there any way I can resolve this please?

I know you like to see/access my Google sheet But I can’t work out how to do this

I don’t know the Projected Balances template well, @mrshbutcher66, but, if the amounts aren’t consistent, couldn’t you just set them up as four monthly income payments?

(We typically avoid sharing sheets unless there is an intractable problem with a product/non-community template. I would recommend against sharing your sheet unless you are working with a trusted consultant.)

Randy - Thanks for your response and warning about sharing.

I could do your suggestion but I am looking for an accurate daily balance to predict forward say two months.

I am new to having my salary paid this way and have had to change my bill D/Ds to accommodate but am still a bit nervous so thought I could use the Projected balances to keep an eye on the situation using a formula to calculate when these payments would occur within the future months and be included in the daily running balance.

There is the Generated Recurring Expenses Workflow you could use to predict expenses on a more often cadence, but not cash flow balance. There’s also the Monthly Budget Calendar that has spending data per day. I’m not sure how you can track these against your daily running balance though… but they might help you see half of the picture.