Quarterly Categories sheet


Hi, has anyone ever built a Categories sheet based on quarters instead of months (and updated all sheets that are based on the Categories). It would be easier at this point in my life to budget by quarters, but but everything about the Tiller solution is based on months.

A solution I use to budget a lot easier for quarterly expenses (for example my sewer bill is $100 each quarter). I like to save the right amount each month so then when the bill is due each quarter I have it. I use the Budget Plan sheet. Under the “Frequency” header in that sheet(Column H), set it to Monthly-AVG-Year. Then under the “Mult” header(column I), put 3. Then if you go to column Z for that expense, it will give you that quarterly expenses divided into monthly. If you enter that number on your Categories sheet, you then have your quarterly expenses turned into a monthly one, while still coming out the same quarterly. I hope that helps!

I’ve noticed the “Category Tracker” tab, (if you add that sheet) allows you to view your expenses by any date range by typing in start date and end date. So 1/1/2024 thru 3/31/2024 shows all expenses by quarter. This doesn’t answer your specific question about budgeting but thought I’d mention it. I like “category tracker” sheet much more than the default “spending trends” tab.

@fyfrod I’d also suggest to perhaps try the Category Tracker as @darrenmcbride61 did. I think that level of control could work for your purposes.