Question about customizing a Tiller spreadsheet

Hi, I recently came across the ‘Send Out Automatic Bill Reminder Emails’ Google spreadsheet.

This is a super useful tool for me, but there are a few things I would like to customize on it - I would like to change around some of the rows and columns if possible - when I do, it messes up what is actually sent in the email. I’d also like to get rid of the ‘Reminder Day’ dropdown and have the email be sent out purely based on the date I choose in the ‘Next Reminder Date’ column. I’ve been looking at the script code for hours trying to figure it out but I am stuck! Can someone help me understand this code? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Could you share the link to the sheet/script you’re referencing, @jacob?

I’m trying to post a link to my spreadsheet + script, but the system won’t let me submit because it doesn’t allow links… i even tried changing . to (dot) in the spreadsheet link, but still picks up elements of my script that look like a link… any thoughts on how to get around this?

I was actually asking about the ‘Send Out Automatic Bill Reminder Emails’ Google spreadsheet you referenced.

So it won’t let me add the link, but if you google the following:
how to send an automatic email reminder from a google spreadsheet

It will be the first google result.
Once on the page, scroll down to " Creating Your Reminders Sheet" and they will have the spreadsheet linked.

I hope that helps.

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Hi @jacob,
The ‘Next Reminder Date’ column is auto-calculated based on the Reminder Day and the current Day of the Month.

There is also an arrayformula() in cell D6 which makes the formula work for all the cells from D6 down.

If you want to manually set the Next Reminder Date, you first need to remove the formula in D6. Then, you should be able to manually add your own dates.

I looked at the script and it checks to see if the date in the Next Reminder Date column matches today’s date. If it does, it adds that row to the email message. If no dates in the Next Reminder Date column match today’s date, it doesn’t send an email.

The script looks at Column D for the Next Reminder Date starting in Row 6. If you have adjusted your rows and columns to be difficult, you might not get the correct results.

Let us know if this helps,

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