Question about Rollover adjustment

I switched from YNAB to Tiller.

We have numerous categories that go into negative but we roll these forward, essentially borrowing from ourselves/our future.

Every month we have a total negative “available” at the end of the month, which becomes the opening negative “rollover” the following month.

Fairly standard I think, and it’s been working no problem.

However, going from December 2019 to January 2020 a Rollover Adjustment crept in, which I don’t understand.

We ended December 2019 with a -33,000 (not US $!!) available. I expected 2020 to start with a -33,000 rollover, but instead Tiller shows a -93,000 rollover, with a message saying there is 60,000 of unfavourable Rollover Adjustment.

How do I get rid of this discrepancy? Why did it suddenly appear when other months were fine?

p.s. Every category has a “Rollover To” category assigned, and i’ve tried “Analyze Budgets History”.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @ptaljaard,

Can you please double check the section here in the guide to see if any of this sheds light on why it might be appearing? Unbalanced transfer? Uncategorized transacitons?


Thanks very much @heather

Very useful but I’m still nvestigating.

  • Every category has a “rollover to” category.

  • I found 1 uncategorised transaction in November. Now categorised.

  • In December there is a non-zero net transfer error. It says 7 transfer transactions. However, when I filter for transfer transactions in December in the Transactions tab I get this:


Any ideas?

Thanks very much in advance.


I still have a non-zero net transfer amount in December - apparently across 7 transfers.

However, I can only see 6 transfers and they net to zero.

any suggestions?