Questions about Excel and add-ons/features

Hey @heather and the rest of the Tiller team! I’m new to Tiller, sort of… I tried to sign up for tiller over a year ago but did not have office 365. That has changed so I want to give it another shot. I’m still lookign around and trying to become familiar with things. I have seen discussions of different add-ons. My question is, are the add-ons available for excel or just google sheets? Is the design of tiller money mostly for google sheets? I’d prefer to things in excel but will adapt if needed. The way I currently do budgeting is time consuming so if it streamlines things for me I’ll consider just about anything.

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The add-ons you’re probably reading about are only for Google Sheets.

We’ve focused most of our energy on Google Sheets and it is definitely the more stable platform from a feeds perspective.

hello - any chance you will make the add-ons available to google sheets available for excel as well?

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We hope to offer closer parity in the future, but don’t have any concrete roadmap or timelines right now.

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