Questions on Debt Planner (Prototype) Sheet


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I added this sheet a while back but just now starting to set it up. Are there any screenshots for the setup? I’m getting confusion in some of the steps and a visual would be great to compare words with what I think I should be doing.

I have Tiller Foundations, this new debt planner sheet and although I have the savings budget sheets installed, i have not set that up yet for the same reason it took a while to get around to setting up this debt planner…a quick read of instructions is not clear and takes a good chunk of time :upside_down_face:

Also, With what I DO have setup in the debt sheet, I notice the top left section, “Total Jan Budget” is not populated and the sheet seems to I want to pay off my largest balance first even though I have selected SNOWBALL in the Payoff Method. Not sure why.

Thanks in advance for help, suggestions and feedback.

@Nakeva, thanks for the reminder. I meant to add screenshots a while ago, but hadn’t been able to get to it. This was just the nudge I needed. You should see more detailed screenshots there now.

You don’t necessarily need to use the Savings Budget to use this Debt Planner sheet, you can use the Foundation template out of the box if you prefer and the docs have information about how the workflows vary slightly.

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This is likely because you haven’t set up Categories in the Categories sheet for each debt account you want to track (named exactly) or you haven’t set Jan budget amounts for them yet.

Double check that you have all the interest rate and min payment stuff entered as well as money being allocated toward debt payoff either via Categories or the Additional $ cell. If it’s still not acting right let me know.

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I think I realized what I needed to do after a re-read the post a few more times, haha! I’ll give it a run again and see if I get things setup correctly. Thank you so much for updates!