Re-Run AutoCat on Transactions After It Has Already Run

Hi - I am looking for a way to run AutoCat rules on transactions that have already had the tool run on them. Example, I changed an existing rule recently to add a tag in addition to a category and I want Autocat to run on transactions that match the criteria in the past.

I removed the date from categorized date and that did not do anything.

Appreciate the help.

Is this possible?

Yup! In the AutoCat sidebar, at the bottom you’ll find “AutoCat Run Settings”. Expand that and you’ll see an option for “Run AutoCat Rules On”. Change it to “All Transactions” and hit the “Run AutoCat” and it will run everything again. Note that the date doesn’t affect it, it’s based on if a Category exists. I’ve never tried it, but I imagine if you delete the category for a transaction so it’s blank, that AutoCat would likely run on it (maybe preferable if you only have a few you want to run on).


Please try what @jpfieber suggested, @abilityto. Should work.

Remember that Autocat runs the first matching rule against a transaction in from top to bottom of the rules sheet. If a new rule is further down the list, it might be preempted.

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