Real estate rental or property management or other business

hello Friends
i am curious if anyone is using Tiller to manage business bookkeeping: for example real estate, rental income or other business oriented income


I’m sure there are many users like the ones you’re referring to, @michaelo. I used the (somewhat dated) Simple Business Dashboard to manage a one-person consultancy. I know there are users who rely on the Property Rental Manager Sheet.

hello Randy. thanks for your reply.
these seems great.
with regards to the rental prop manager sheet, is that in Excel?

That one is only in Google Sheets right now. You can have a mix of Google and Excel spreadsheets with one subscription though, if you wanted to have a few spreadsheets to see which templates work best for you.

@michaelo I personally use Tiller for all these purposes – personal, rental properties, condo management, and my own business. This is a great usage of the 5 sheets Tiller allows you to make – you can feed different accounts into each different sheet and maintain completely separate views of your data.

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