Reccos for Online Personal Finance Course?

Hey There,

My wife and I have been using Tiller to understand where our money goes, and it’s working great, especially with the new AutoCat. Now, we need to understand how to properly budget, plan for the futures, all that stuff. Does anyone have recommendations for online courses that work well with Tiller?

If not, maybe someone should make one!


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Hi there,

Recently, Peter (Tiller’s Founder) hosted a webinar series titled “Get a Grip on Your Finances” This might be of interest to you.

I am also interested in other references our community members might recommend. Thanks for your post.

Just use the categories sheet?
Make your categories with your budgets and go from there. Try not to over-complicate it. Its literally that simple

Its a, how much money do I need to have in the bank vs how much positive cash flow can I create a month to make that happen question.

As far as investing philosophy, its best to do your own research as that is subjective.
Dave Ramsey and Rob Kyosaki are a pretty good start (on learning about working debt and not getting in debt). Just remember that they both have something to sell you and Dave Ramsey’s investment return percentage is unrealistic. The Envelope method is also a really good start.

Is that what you meant in your question? - for whatever reason, she’s targeting women, but there’s nothing female about the course. I loved it and its proven to be really helpful.

Please see the link below. It might be more than you are looking for now but it has tons of educational material, has something on every topic, has a huge member community, and you can even post your own personal questions (with numbers and everything) which will yield lots of intelligent, practical replies.


@brianvotoole that’s a great question - and idea. We are investing further into webinars, with a weekly webinar to get started and our community webinar Tiller Money Live: Community webinar + Q&A

That said, we’re interested in building on this. What would you like to see in a course?