Receipt auto matching to transaction

I think it would be amazing if there was a way that you could upload a picture of a receipt and it would auto-match it to the transaction. It could then either insert the image or just the receipt data.

I was working on something like this for my self using or It would be great if this was included into the tiller automation.

The main advantage would be to get real value out of keeping your recites and allowing you to back up all the info. Data in a spreadsheet is free :wink: I am trying to achieve what Onerecipte and Mint used to do.

Thank you,
Marcos L

Thanks for the idea @MarcosL.

I’ve tried using Receipt scanners in the past and they didn’t work well. I tried a quick demo of and it got everything correct.

Here’s one option that is available now with Tiller. You could scan your receipts and save them in a folder on your computer or in the cloud. Then add a column to the Transactions sheet in Tiller and paste a link to receipts in that column. If the receipt is related to an account that Tiller tracks, Tiller will already have the date, description and amount for the transaction.

I am unsure how this Feature works. Does it pull the picture in automatically or does it match the data and time to the transaction?

This might do the trick for me while i get things updataed. I was dreading have to figure out how to match transctions to receipts.

Hi @MarcosL,
The workflow I was suggesting doesn’t pull a picture in. It IS possible to import images into a Google sheet, but given the big size of receipts, I don’t recommend that for receipts. Read more about the IMAGE() function here.

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

  • Scan your receipts.

  • Save them in a cloud-based folder on your computer.

  • Give them a filename with the date, description and amount, such as 2019-10-01,Whole Foods,100. Some scanner software, like ScanSnap can try to extract the date and description.

By using YYYY-MM-DD in the filename, the receipts will sort by date

  • The transaction that is associated with the receipt should show up in your Tiller transactions with the date, vendor and amount automatically.

  • In the newly added Receipts column, you can copy and place a link to the matching receipt. When you see a link in this column, that means you have a copy of the receipt. And you can access the original by clicking on the link.

This system doesn’t automatically extract the data from the scan and put it into Tiller. That’s certainly a possible feature request. But Tiller already provides the key information about the transaction from the credit card or bank automatic transactions feed.

Would that workflow provide a solution for you?

I like the receipts column. It merely provides a cell to place a link to your receipt. I have been paperless for a long time now. I scan my receipts as I get them and toss the paper receipt. It is very simple and it works for me. I like to keep the receipts in case I need it for a return or I want to see the detail of the items purchased and their cost.

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@Blake. I do the same as you. Good system especially for tax purposes.

I don’t scan every receipt. For examples, for groceries, I just put an “R” in the receipt column to know I got the receipt and it matches. Then I throw it out.

If it’s a receipt that’s in my email, I put a “B” in the receipt column, to note its in my “Bills” email folder. Sometimes I put a link to the email in the receipt column instead. If its something I think I might need to see again, I’ll put the link.

@jonorlin Thank you for the detail explanation. It will work alright for the time being. I would rather have it set up to automatically but that can wait. Also, the date of transaction is not the same as the date that shows up on the charge, sometimes.

The problem with just scanning receipts is that they start to digitally clutter everything. I also don’t have much space in my Gdrive, yet. One key advantage of using sheets is that images inserted into it no longer count against your data cap.

I would just scan images into my google drive but I can’t search them nor is there a good way of organizing them. @Blake how do store and scan and search all of your documents? I have not gone paperless because I have not found a service that can scan my printed text and handwritten notes into a searchable PDF. Ether they lose the original format and spit out just random strings of words and/or don’t keep the original file. I feel like there might be enterprise-level programs that do what I want but I don’t have the budget for that.

@MarcosL, yes the date of the transaction on the receipt might be a few days different from the date in the Transactions sheet, but that doesn’t cause a problem for me.

I’m still a bit confused about how it would work to scan them into the spreadsheet. Yes, technically its possible but receipt images would be too big to see in the small cells within the sheet.

Perhaps you scan into Google Photos. I don’t think there is a size limit there if you used compressed image which should be fine for receipts.


Here is what I do. I survived awhile on 200 GB of Google cloud storage that cost me $29.99 per year. Recently, I was getting close to 200 GB so I upgraded to the next level which was 2 TB for $99.99 per year. You can share this with up to five family members. Up until a few months ago, I was running dual cloud services as I also had Dropbox.

I organize my receipts as follows. I set up my folders like this.

I set up my file names like this.

This works fine for me

Regarding paperless as it pertains to text and notes, I have a huge Excel schedule with many tabs. I no longer write anything. No more pen and paper. It all goes into the Excel file. I never use it but you can search Excel using Control F. All my files are in the cloud so I can access on my desktop (my primary device), laptop (for when I travel), and my iphone.

Thus, the key is folder/subfolder naming and organization and having a file naming convention. There are probably 25 better ways to do what I am doing, but based on what I know how to do this is what I have come up with.

Have you ever tried Evernote?

I hope this helps, Thanks, Blake