Recent change to rollover calculations?

I noticed a couple of days ago that a bunch of new rollover adjustments had turned up in previous months of my budget (going back to September 2019).
I can’t find any recently-added transactions that would explain it, and a bit of sleuthing shows that the changes to the rollover adjustments column in Budgets History were made overnight on May 1st.
Screenshot_2020-05-08 Tiller Sheet II
Has something changed about the way rollover adjustments are calculated? Has anyone else had similar issues?

Hi @mlux,

We haven’t made any changes to the way that rollovers are calculated. If it’s showing as a rollover adjustment it could be due to something other than recently-added transactions. I’d recommend reviewing this content for clues.

Just looping back here to say I finally realized that I had hidden categories, and the mysterious rollover adjustments disappeared when I unhid them. All good!

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