Recomendations for Someone New, Foundation Template w/ Savings & Debt Budget, OR Envelope Template

Welcome! I think I can answer some of your questions. I’m not a Tiller employee but I’ve been using the Envelope Budget template for the last few years and I’m switching to the Savings Budget for 2021.

The Envelope budget is not being actively developed, and as far as I know the Savings budget has completely superseded it. Due to the customizability of Tiller it’s likely you would be able to continue using the Envelope budget for quite a while, but new features and add-ons will likely not work well with the Envelope budget.

Theoretically yes, you can just copy the transactions into another sheet. It won’t mess up the feeds, but you could end up with duplicate entries unless you know what you’re doing. That said, I haven’t really had to do this, so I may not be aware of all of the issues involved.

In general, you can count on the solutions to work with the Foundation Template but they don’t all work with the Envelope budget. The new Debt Planner sheet should work with both, but you won’t be able to get the full functionality with the Envelope budget.

The transactions sheet is the same for both the Foundation Template and Envelope budget. The big difference, and why some of the Solutions don’t work with the old Envelope budget, is where the budget values are stored. In the Envelope Budget there is a hidden “Budget History” sheet that stores the dollar amounts you budgeted, how much rolled over, and more. In the Foundation Template, the budget data is all stored in the Categories sheet. And if you use the Savings Budget, it adds an additional “Budget Journal” sheet that takes care of rolling over from one month to the next.

My Thoughts
Ultimately, I would recommend starting with the Savings Budget. It’s the one being actively developed by Tiller, it’s easier to use (in my opinion), it should run faster, and will work with more add-ons. If you’ve read about the differences between the two here, and the Savings Budget can do everything you want, then I’d go for that.

If you really want to dig into it though, try both! You can link multiple google sheets to Tiller, so you could set up one of each and play around with them. That’s one of my favorite things about Tiller, how much you can just set things up, customize them, and make them work exactly how you want.

I’ll stop here since my reply is getting pretty long, but feel free to ask more questions!