Recommended Housekeeping before importing Mint?

Does anyone have any guidance on performing housekeeping on a Mint export before importing into my Tiller sheet? I was thinking to ensure that account names and categories correlate. I don’t want to have to consolidate categories later. Thoughts and advice appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @RobA1701,
Are you aware of the CVS Importer which helps import from Mint?

One step you might take is it use a formula to temporarily get a list of your Account Names and Numbers and Categories from your Mint account before the merge. When the Mint CSV is in a Google Sheet, you can use a formula like this to see all the exact Account Names, #s, and Categories:


This will give you an alphabetically sorted list in a column of all the unique entries in Column A. It ignores cell A1 as that’s likely the Column Name. Change the Column letter as needed.

You can then make sure those Accounts & Categories exist in Tiller.


Yes sir! That’s why I was asking if it makes sense to go ahead and cleanse my Mint data to update both account and category names to the ones I have in my Tiller sheet already. Thanks.

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