Recommended Housekeeping before importing Mint?

Does anyone have any guidance on performing housekeeping on a Mint export before importing into my Tiller sheet? I was thinking to ensure that account names and categories correlate. I don’t want to have to consolidate categories later. Thoughts and advice appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @RobA1701,
Are you aware of the CVS Importer which helps import from Mint?

One step you might take is it use a formula to temporarily get a list of your Account Names and Numbers and Categories from your Mint account before the merge. When the Mint CSV is in a Google Sheet, you can use a formula like this to see all the exact Account Names, #s, and Categories:


This will give you an alphabetically sorted list in a column of all the unique entries in Column A. It ignores cell A1 as that’s likely the Column Name. Change the Column letter as needed.

You can then make sure those Accounts & Categories exist in Tiller.


Yes sir! That’s why I was asking if it makes sense to go ahead and cleanse my Mint data to update both account and category names to the ones I have in my Tiller sheet already. Thanks.

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Bumping this older thread to get a specific answer on Accounts naming. Mint has a slightly different set of names vs what Tiller has. I have been able to import close to 10 years worth of data in 23k transactions.

How do I go about changing the names in the Tiller account?
Or is it recommended to change the account names in the mint CSV to match the Tiller chosen names for future-proofing?

A product suggestion might be the ability to merge account names just like the ability to merge categories from the add-on in the Community solutions sheet. This way, I can get the list of unique categories and account names from a CSV → manually add categories → IMPORT sheet → merge categories → merge account names and be in business!

Welcome from Mint, @libindaniel2000!

Like you, when changing tools, I always want to move and update all of my historic data. I know it can be stressful (from personal experience).

Here are a few pointers:

  1. I would rename your Tiller Feeds accounts in the Console to match the names you want to use long term.
  2. I would wait for a fill to run after any accounts have been renamed to ensure you have a reference in the spreadsheet of the final account names.
  3. In the Transactions and Balance History sheets, I would then use filters to manually show accounts you want to “merge” (e.g. maybe select by account name) and then fill down all rows with the following fields: Account, Account #, Institution, and Account Id. It’s manual and a little bit slow but you only have to do it once.

That’s a good suggestion on the merge/migration workflow.

(I wouldn’t bother changing anything in the Mint CSV prior to import. I would just make all the changes in your Tiller spreadsheet.)

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