Reconciling statement transactions

I am using the statement sheet and have submitted a statement with all the necessary details. In transactions, i applied all of the transactions to that statement. For other sheets that I have, this has worked however for one of my sheets it is not registering these transactions to the statement even though everything is entered correctly.y Can anyone help? Thank you!!

Is it possible there isn’t an exact match between the Statement Name used in the Transactions and Statement sheets? Even a leading, trailing or double space? Or a capitalization difference?

Hi Randy,

Thanks for your response. the name of the statement pulls from a dropdown box so it’s accurate. Not sure where i’d look for leading, training or double spaces. Is there a way i can send you a link to a short loom video?

I am not using statements anymore, is it ok to just delete the statement column or will that mess something else up

You can just delete the Statements column @tillerjb39