Reconnect Monthly Budget to Transactions and Categories

My monthly budget tab is suddenly empty. My categories and transactions sheets are still full. How do I reconnect it?

Hi @ellemariedoty,

I’d recommend reviewing this FAQ for common reasons the Monthly Budget sheet breaks.

If that doesn’t help you can try restoring the sheet using the Tiller Money Labs add-on.


Thanks Heather. This actually broke BECAUSE I restored the sheet. It’s like it’s making no vlookup reference to the Categories and Transactions tables now.

Any way to fix that or so I need to start over again with months of data?

Take a look at your column headings in the Transactions and Categories sheets. It’s possible that you have accidentally changed some of the “names” and that is causing the lookup issues. I recently had this happen with another sheet and discovered that I had typed a random word into the Description column header. As soon I corrected that, everything was working again. There should be no reason to start over again with months of data entry.

Any updates, @ellemariedoty?

As @martha.rudkin mentioned, the templates are sensitive to column header names (must match exactly) but also sheet names. Are you other templates working ok? You could try using the Tiller Money Labs add-on to restore your Monthly Budget template.

Hi Randy. No updates, unfortunately. All the column headings are in place and it broke because I restored it. :frowning: SUPER sad because it’s literally months of transactions.

Hi @ellemariedoty, can you double check the headers (row 1) on the Categories sheet and make sure they’re all there?

You don’t need to start over, we can get the dashboard working again. It’s just a visualization of the data in the Transactions sheet so just doing some trial and error on how to get the data flowing back in.