Reduce data in Transactions and Balance History

These are all great questions.

For me, the best solution is to keep everything together… until performance suffers. I haven’t hit that point yet but it depends on how many templates you’re running, how much data you have, etc.

If your spreadsheet performance is suffering, I’d consider:

  • The Trim Balance History workflow in the Tiller Money Labs add-on. This utility will help with your Balance History sheet.
  • Making a copy of your Transactions sheet (e.g. Transactions Archive) and then trimming the main Transactions sheet to just a year or two. This won’t reduce the amount of data in your spreadsheet, but it will reduce the number of rows formulas in your templates need to scan every time you display your budget (i.e. it should help with performance).

When you delete data from your spreadsheet the Tiller Money Feeds add-on won’t refill the data IN THE ACTIVE SHEET… but it will fill your full account history if you create and link a new spreadsheet with the same accounts.

I’d consider making a copy of your spreadsheet before making these changes since they are lossy.

Hope this helps,