Reference Cell Even When Column Sorts

I am creating a custom sheet in Tiller, and wanted to be able to call upon a cell in the “Balances” sheet to grab the balance of one of my credit cards. I know how to do this basically, but it seems as though my formula will break because the Balances sheet sorts itself based upon how recently each account was updated moving “today” to the top and x days ago below. So when that column auto reorders, I assume my formula will still call a specific cell instead of the balance of a specific account.

Can someone walk me through how to reference a cell even after it sorts? I would be grateful!

There are probably better ways than this, but here’s how I currently do it.

I use something like:


I use the account_name that appears in the Balances sheet and whose balance I want to grab. I just copy that cell and then paste it into the formula
For the range I use the Balances range B7:D100 (or something like that).
For column I choose 3 since the balance is in column 3

So for me, it would look like this:

=vlookup(“Checking1 (xxxx1414)”,Balances!B7:D57,3)

That does trick for me, but I’m curious if there are other ways.

I use the same method.

This works wonderfully, thank you for the reply!